Hi guys so I’ve had a few followers and likes already so I am quite positive about that seeing as I am quite new. I don’t want to jinx my year but in all this is been the best start to the new years I have had in a long time, I got a new job after being in a dead end job and things are looking up. Fingers cross the rest of the year is just as good (I always feel that how you think and feel will determine what happens so if you think negative then only negative things will happen so time to start thinking positive 😀 )

My favourite store at the moment is MAC I just feel like I’m in heaven when I go into their store and see all the colours and different types of Lipstick and eyeshadows they have I could go on and on. I have started to get into wearing lipstick as recently I always suffered from dry lips and wearing lipstick over dry lips is not a good look at all, but after a new diet especially of drinking more water my lips are much better than what they used to be. So I went into MAC and literally bought hundreds of different lipsticks and lip liners to go with them, I felt like a kid in a candy store like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I’m sure all you gals know the MAC lipstick called Cyber it looks like a black lipstick when you look at it but when you put it on it’s really more of a deep dark purple. I was a bit wary as I usually am a nude lips type of girl and never go for bold “look at me” colours. But I thought what the heck this is my year and I’m gonna be Fierce! (haha I sound like a loser honestly I would never say that out loud)


So I bought the lipstick and the dark mac lipliner it’s called Nightmoth and it literally sat in my makeup box for ages I didn’t have the cajones to try it on I just kept saying one day …. one day while putting on my nude “in my comfort zone” lipstick. Then one day I just snapped I was on my way to work and thought you know what to hell with it, so I got out my lipstick and lipliner applied it and I looked amazing I always thought these types of lipsticks would suit darker girls more with their complexions but I do have olive skin being half Indian and dark hair. Although I have seen Blonde girls rocking it and it looks good but I feel for pale girls it would be more gothic looking than just a normal dark lipstick. So I went into my office and everyone had nothing but compliments it looked good and I felt amazing.


After a few hours my boss turned around and said Oh I can see your lip colour, I was a bit confused so I looked into the mirror and realised that my lipstick and liner had dried out I was a bit annoyed as for an expensive lipstick it didn’t stay on long and dried out cracking and also slightly peeling I guess to show my natural pink lips so it looked weird. I think in all I applied that lipstick 2 more times during the day so it was a bit dissapointing. I don’t know if anyone else has had that problem but for me although I love applying my make up again and it makes me feel good I would not want to be in an office environment and having meetings where I can’t check my makeup and not knowing that I look a mess, like I said it may have just been my lips were a bit too dry for that lipstick that day or it’s the formula as I have noticed one girl on the internet said it dried out too quickly. That’s my only con about the product but apart from that it looked amazing, when I got home my boyfriend had not seen it and cracked up whilst on the phone to his friend laughing about how he thought I was going to suck his blood and he was scared lol. I have taken some photos on his phone so they are a bit rubbish not perfect (my phone was stolen over Christmas 😦    2015 was not a great year for me lol) but I am hoping to get an Iphone 6s soon so better photos to come xx


ps if anyone else has the Cyber Lipstick and the mac lipliner please let me know what you thought about it in the comments or even if you can suggest a better lipliner or what you prefer to use? Even other brands as I like to experiment xx


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Welcome to my Blog

Hi guys this is my first post so let me introduce myself my name is Maria and I am 25 (nearly 26) years old working, living and loving life. I love a lot of things my sister and boyfriend would be the first I would put at the top of my list of course 😛

Then the next would be make-up and clothes especially shoes! I literally drool when I see a gorgeous pair of shoes ha-ha my boyfriend has to literally drag me away from the window before I run in and snap them up 🙂

So when I was a kid I wasn’t the prettiest kid out of the lot I was awkward.. and awkward looking I think I went through what a lot of people go through “the ugly duckling” phase I started experimenting with make-up when I was about 17/18 I always used to get called ugly at school and was really small and skinny plus I had the messiest bushiest hair ever literally Hermione from Harry Potter didn’t have anything on me! not to mention the big thick brows blegh! Being half Indian/Scottish I inherited the thick eyebrows so I started getting them waxed to within an inch of their life lol. So since then I started experimenting and at first I was awful I know we have all went through phases where we look back and think WHY?!? well I certainly do the first was the drug store make-up the foundation that makes you look really yellow or you can see lines on your chin, or the I’ve bronzed myself too much now I look like a red Indian yeah definitely the worst. Another thing I couldn’t do to save my life was my eye shadow I always ended up looking like I belonged in a Cinderella play acting as one of the ugly sisters because when I did my eye shadow I made myself look like a drag queen. I think countless episodes of YouTube channels especially MichellePhans YouTube channel really helped me so kudos 🙂

Not to mention the MAC’s 224 brush I swear by this it will make your eye shadow so much better plus it helped me learn to perfect my techniques so if you can afford or save up even I highly recommend it! So thanks for reading my blog and there will be so much more to come I will be reviewing products and much more! x