Funniest Pranks

Me and my boyfriend love to play pranks on each other, I woke up the other night desperate for the toilet and ran out of the room in the dark (half asleep) only to run into something sticky. I turned on the light and my boyfriend had put a line of sellotape across the door so I would run straight into it, so I have secretly been planning my revenge whilst thinking of a few tricks I could play I thought I would make up a list of pranks to share with everyone. Not all of these are my ideas these are mainly ones I have learnt over the past or seen.


1: The Whoopee Cushion: This was always my favourite prank as a child, I used to go to the joke store and buy the toy and embarrass my mum when she had people over (I was a wicked child >:)  LOL )

2: Shocking awakening:  Another one me and my little brother used to do to each other and our mother who would go mental but it was hilarious, we had a Toy that our older sister had bought us which was a Target you would wear on your chest you then had a gun with a metal piece. The whole aim of the game was to shoot your opponents chest piece that they were wearing which would automatically give them an electric shock to the gun they were holding. I was a very mean sister who would turn up my brothers gun to shock level 5 whilst mine was only at 1 lol, and we would also when our mum was napping put the gun on top of her leg with the metal bit hide then shoot the target which would then send a shock to the gun and then would hear our mum screaming the place down, still funny to this day.

3: Cling film Toilet: I have not had the pleasure of trying this one out where you put cling film over the toilet and wait for someone to go the toilet and pee all over themselves lol but there’s still time (maybe that will be my revenge)

4: Powder in the hair dryer: Another one I have been desperate to try out but my bf doesn’t use a hair dryer lol what a shame. So you put talcum powder inside the hair dryer and wait for your unsuspecting victim to turn on the hair dryer and bam they get a face full of powder. Maybe I can try it on my sister but I think she would never speak to me again ha-ha!

5: Lipstick Bindi: Another one I learnt from my sister doing it to me, you draw a red bindi on someone’s head whilst they are asleep and hope to god when they wake up they don’t look in the mirror. This worked for me when I was 11 (being half Indian and half Scottish it was even more hilarious) My mum was having an afternoon nap and I decided to draw a red bindy on her head, she woke up and realised that she had forgot to buy something from the shop so she quickly ran over. Me and my brother were in stitches but also terrified what our mother would do when she found out she had ran over to the Indian corner shop with a red lipstick dot on her head “a pretty big one too”. When she got finally got home and saw herself in the mirror she screamed blue murder and started going on about how all the Indians in the shop were staring at her it was quite funny but I’ll admit I was scared as I had never seen her this angry (I also like how she straight away blamed me and my brother let me take all the blame a regular occurrence in my household).

6:Sleeping Beauty: One of my favourites is to do horrendous makeovers to people whilst their asleep, my brother was very easy to do as he was not easily woken. I remember one time I had given him a makeover that made him look like of the ugly sisters from the panto and taken a photo…. he ended up getting his revenge when he found out and I woke up with chewing gum in my hair and mascara in my eyebrows, my parents went mental and I could have killed him I hate bob haircuts as well >:@

7: I recently saw on YouTube a video of someone making Toffee Onions in place of an Apple and I thought how evil but amazing 😀

I am totally trying this out as soon as I get the chance!

8:Shampoo Thief: So I once lived in a house share with some not so nice people, I was very quiet and that was the reason I was treated like a door mat. My food would be eaten all the time and my shampoo and bath stuff were being nicked, I then decided to get my own back I put hair removal cream inside the shampoo and it didn’t take long to notice who the hairless thief was >:)

9: Frape: I think everyone at one point has done this in their life or had this done to them … I love when my bf leaves his fb open, I always write ridiculous statuses…. I have also been the victim of frape as well.

10: Minty Cookies: Another food one I can’t wait to try to take the fillings out of Oreos and replace it with toothpaste ha-ha pure evil


Well thinking of these has had me chuckling bringing back some good and not so good memories, comment below what pranks you have played or had played on you.