Mac Liquid lipstick 

I have two Mac Liquid Lipsticks and I’ve also bought some cheaper branded liquid lipsticks so I could see the difference. Today I tried Ess-Presso and Quite the standout. 

Here is a swatch 

I love with Mac lipsticks that they dry so quick within two minutes it’s set. My only problem is you need to make sure that you don’t make a mistake as it’s hard to rectify. 
Trying on the lipsticks I wasn’t so sure about Ess-Presso it came out brown on my skin but on my lips it was a different story, it looked more like a black lipstick. I was more impressed with Quite the standout I think it suited my skin tone more. I did go into Mac and ask for an Orange Red colour as that is the colour that suits me (everyone has a red that suits them).

Here are some photos of the colours, another thing getting the lipstick off was a pain but I have found a good oil based makeup remover is perfect. I’m using Garnier Micellar Oil Infused water and it’s pretty good, if anyone has other products they can suggest let me know in the comments section. 

Here are the results of the lipsticks please excuse my face it was literally baking outside and I had forgotten to use my Fix Plus. 

Also I’ve noticed my frown lines between my eyes are becoming permanently etched (I frown a lot). I have been using Nip/Fab products but also any suggestions would be helpful as I would rather preven than cure. Ciao xxx 


Frenchies or Wedgies. What do you prefer?

Gone are the days when you would be pulling your knickers out of your bottom whilst claiming “you had a wedgie”. When I was at school it was perfectly acceptable to see women with low riders and their thong straps sitting on their hips. And the main question comes to mind, What is better Thongs or French Knickers?

I have seen this question asked many times, and I always thought that’s easy French Knickers not only are they more comfortable they are by far sexier looking than Thongs. Although I do have Thongs I feel like they are practical for tight dresses where your Knicker line may show. However the only thing for me growing up as a 15 year old I was put off seeing girls my age and younger sitting down trying to show as much of their ass crack and thong string to boys passing by it was sickening. So that may be a reason why I have usually been put off by thongs and don’t see them as sexy but more practical.

For me French Knickers are more “womanly” and thongs seem to be more of a young teen type of thing, Unless you are wearing a dress that shows off everything. Obviously the whole world is not going to see you in your underwear unless you’re partial to a bit of nakedness but I also feel that French Knickers look really good on “everyone” like you could have a normal not so curvy ass and French Knickers cling to you in a way that it creates an illusion of you having a round butt whereas with thongs you have to work with what you have and if you don’t have an ass then they are not the most attractive things to wear (not saying I have that problem 😉  but French Knickers look amazing on me hence why I prefer them and don’t give me that feeling of wanting to pull them off like Thongs do. This is just my personal opinion so it would be nice to hear what other Women or Men for that matter think lol…. I’ve seen that men seem to be more “thong type of guys” maybe because the thought of a bare ass than a covered one is better I have no idea LOL but like I said comment below let me know what you think.