Mac Crazy 

So I promised myself I would only buy foundation from Mac as I had run out. As usual I entered the concession ( is that what you call them if they are in a department store).

Well I went a bit crazy not full on but crazy for the fact that I don’t have much money. I ended up walking out with a beautiful nude lipstick in burnt spice, a 221 brush all my mac brushes were stolen by some fucking tramp in the last place I worked grrr. I got of course my foundation in NC42 a shade lighter as my summer tan has gone hoping to get back on the sunbeds and get it back and I got a black pro long wear fluid eye liner as I have a 65th wedding anniversary tomorrow so not really sure what type of look to do or what I’m going to wear. 

It’s in a golf club I might wear this beautiful top I got from mango on sale and a pair of jeans with a nice pair of heels or a dress. I’ll post a picture of the outfit it would be good to get some tips as I don’t know if jeans will be too casual although they are really easy to dress up
They also gave me a cute little bag with some samples of Ruby Woo which I do have, in extreme black lashes mascara which is handy when you’re running low on mascara. A tan pigment I have never heard of but I’m thinking I’d bronzing, natural radiance in yellow which is a primer and gold strobe cream which is exciting as I love Mac highlighters especially good ones so I can tell it would be great. 


Mac Liquid lipstick 

I have two Mac Liquid Lipsticks and I’ve also bought some cheaper branded liquid lipsticks so I could see the difference. Today I tried Ess-Presso and Quite the standout. 

Here is a swatch 

I love with Mac lipsticks that they dry so quick within two minutes it’s set. My only problem is you need to make sure that you don’t make a mistake as it’s hard to rectify. 
Trying on the lipsticks I wasn’t so sure about Ess-Presso it came out brown on my skin but on my lips it was a different story, it looked more like a black lipstick. I was more impressed with Quite the standout I think it suited my skin tone more. I did go into Mac and ask for an Orange Red colour as that is the colour that suits me (everyone has a red that suits them).

Here are some photos of the colours, another thing getting the lipstick off was a pain but I have found a good oil based makeup remover is perfect. I’m using Garnier Micellar Oil Infused water and it’s pretty good, if anyone has other products they can suggest let me know in the comments section. 

Here are the results of the lipsticks please excuse my face it was literally baking outside and I had forgotten to use my Fix Plus. 

Also I’ve noticed my frown lines between my eyes are becoming permanently etched (I frown a lot). I have been using Nip/Fab products but also any suggestions would be helpful as I would rather preven than cure. Ciao xxx 

Superdrug gift box

So I have an S6 samsung phone so now I can say bye to crappy photos now that I have a decent camera. 
I came home last night after dogsitting for my sister and found a box from Superdrug. Inside it thanked me for being an amazing beauty card member (I do spend a lot there lol) it also had vouchers and some goodies which i’m guessing were tailored to my shopping preferences 

I got a Maybelline false lashies mascara I have seen this everywhere and wasn’t sure based on reviews and customer opinions if it would be a good mascara so i’m glad I can get the chance to try it.

Maybelline precise liquid liner i’m absolutely hopeless with liquid liner but i’ll definitely give it a try 

Sleek tint balm I love their lipsticks so can’t wait to try this I have an interview in an hour so will probably try this.

And also seeing  as I’ve literally been buying so much Barry M nail polishes I’ve got a limited edition lolly gloss in Cherry Dop and a miniature boss fragrance for Her which smells divine. It is to celebrate the beauty cards 6th birthday let me know if you also got a box and what you got. 
Moondiva xxxx