The Bodyguard the Musical

img_20161030_114659So I before I start I must say I have been a bit AWOL this year, the beginning of the year was going really great but it took a turn (a bad one). People who I thought were friends turned out to be not so much “friends”. And then from that point it seemed to get worse, I’ve got myself out of a rut and things seem to be looking up but that’s where I always go wrong I always have something good happen and think that things will get better and when I let my guard down that’s when I always get stung, so I’m being a bit cautious at the moment and not getting my hopes up. Now without further ado here is my review for The Bodyguard.

I went to see The Bodyguard last night with my Mother, Sister, Grandmother and Great Aunt. It was a present for my mum who will be turning 60 tomorrow on Halloween. And as I learnt yesterday she was the 1000th baby born on Halloween what an achievement lol. We went for a meal right near the Dominion Theatre in a place called Scoff and Banter, the food was really nice I always go for Medium/Rare on my steak and it was perfect. The only thing I have to say is it that the service is lacking slightly as there are only 3 people waiting a whole restaurant so I asked for condiments for my steak and I was waiting so long I was halfway through almost finished my meal. My Sister and I had also ordered another drink for my mother and that was also forgotten about so I was not very happy about that but other than that everything else was good and they had even after hearing about my mothers birthday bought her out a little plate with a cake and scribbled in Chocolate was Happy Birthday so they redeemed themselves.

After finishing our meal we walked up to the Theatre and they do check your bags so make sure you don’t have any alcohol in there even if you want to drink it after the show. We bought our programmes which cost £8.00 I am a sucker for a programme I love them and collect them so will always get one for any show I am going to. After that we went and found our seats which was very easy to find, we were sitting in the downstairs area in the middle seating which is the perfect seating for anyone who wants a good view. You don’t want to be right at the front you want to be somewhere in the middle or in our case we were at least 7 rows from the front of the stage which is perfect viewing.

The show in itself (without spoiling it for anyone) was amazing, I rarely ever get blown away by anyone’s voice and I normally don’t say I am a fan of anyone but Beverley Knight has changed that all, I am literally in love with her voice she captivated me the whole show and I did not want her to stop singing she literally made me want to start singing (which is what the die hard fan next to me was doing it was pretty funny lol). She was so good she had us up dancing and I would recommend this show to everyone of all ages. You will not be disappointed.

PS Not to mention if you are a fan of seriously hot “mysterious” guys with American Accents you won’t be dissapointed with Ben Richards performance I think I have a new crush ❤




Maria (MDB) xx