Jungle is massive… Wicked

Before Christmas I had no idea what my sisters present was for me, when we finally did our present handover I had to wait 2 weeks to open it. I was a bit unsure as to what it was because it was tiny and felt like a notebook. Matt gave me a clue (without me asking might I say) and he said Jungle is massive, I was completely thrown back by this and could only think of Ali G in Da House. I came up with many pointless answers and then it finally came to Christmas day, Matthew being mean kept giving me all my presents but made me wait for my sisters until the last one just to make me suffer more. When I finally ripped it open it was in fact an address book but it looked like it had been open before and fell open to the 19th February which underneath the date there was a little note ” I have tickets to Wicked the best seats in the house”.

I finally understood the clue and was overcome with a feeling of Joy and excitement, I was so happy as I was desperate to see the musical but never got round to doing it. So finally last night I saw the show and I have to say I am so glad I waited it was amazing. My sister had literally got the best seats right at the bottom not at the front but about 5 rows from the front so we were not literally craning our necks to see the stars but had a great view of them (apart from having a big head sitting in front of me lol).


Wicked is the story prequel to the Wizard of Oz and tells the story of how the Wicked Witch of the West came to be and her demise in the story. It is a very clever story that tells you all those unanswered questions you have ever had of the Wizard of Oz. How the Wicked witch of the west Elpheba and Glinda the good witch hated each other from the beginning but then grew to like each other and became very good friends, it’s a very sweet story about friendship, good vs evil and how appearances can be deceiving. Elpeheba played by Emma Hatton was the most amazing singer I have ever seen, I really liked her as Elpheba but couldn’t compare her to other Elpheba’s. The whole cast was amazing really I could not fault any of them and I think that I along with all the other females in the crowd fell in love with Fiyero played by Oliver Savile such a handsome talented actor. I don’t want to go on too much and give it away to anybody who has not seen the show or read the book for that matter. But I must say it’s worth going to you will not be dissapointed, It is a show that is for children and adults and I can definitely say as someone who tends to just watch a show or film once this is something I would watch over and over again. I have fallen in love with the show and am desperate to watch it again.

I would give the musical a 10/10 the songs were so beautiful and the voices of the main characters Elpheba and Glinda (Emma Hatton and Savannah Stevenson) were out of this world. I honestly recommend this musical for anybody who loves musicals, this is the type of musical that anybody can watch regardless of gender and age. So on a final note I really have to thank my big sister for an amazing present 😀 x


PS I have never read the book so hoping to get it asap so I can compare as I love to compare films and musicals to the books x



I’ve been quite ill lately so haven’t been able to get stuck into my new blog, a bit has happened since my last update. I’ve been quite fed up of my new job I was unaware that there was going to be a lot of sales calls on my part, when I applied they sugar coated it and made it out to be nothing like cold calling which it essentially is. I also agreed for the first 3 months to do unpaid work experience and that they would let me do the hours and days I wanted to do seeing as I wasn’t being paid and my expenses were not being paid. It is now 2 months into the job and I have been pulled into the office twice and told that I’m not doing enough hours and that they want me to come in early, how I need to stop thinking like a work experience person and start giving them more. I was disgusted by the way they treated me, I mean I’m doing this for free and I was told by another girl that there has been loads of work experience people so it finally hit me they obviously use people and then nearer the end of the trial they make all sorts of excuses to make you look bad so that they have a reason to not take you on.

I’m really angry that people can treat someone like that, especially since I was staying over my hours. I feel like I was asked to come in and work to do the jobs they didn’t want to do sales etc. And the worst part is I had managed to get them a few estate agencies on their books when we got work through then my colleague sent them quotes and prices they all complained that it was too expensive and refused to use our company. The staff all turned around and are now blaming me for not pushing sales and refusing to see it’s because they charge a £100 call out charge for a handyman whereas everyone else is charging £65 like who do they think they are?

And then having the audacity to blame me for it when I don’t make up the prices, I literally feel like I am fuming. When my boyfriend came to me and offered me an ultimatum I was more than happy to do it I mean my current job is awful and none of my family or Matt know about the unpaid trial so I can’t tell them which makes it easy to just rant on here. His current job was ending and he was speaking to a friend of his who emigrated to Australia and works for his uncles labouring company, he also has another friend who is going to Australia in a few months to join her boyfriend whose dad also owns his own labouring company. Matt (my boyfriend) had spoken to his dad and had asked me if I wanted to leave my job to go travelling first to Goa as I had been there before and Matt hadn’t. Then to go off to Australia after and work, I was so excited and happy that maybe we could actually do something with our lives rather than being in dead end jobs. I know I am only work experience but I don’t really know how to go in after this weekend to tell them I want to leave (I would stay if I was getting paid until I go travelling but they are not even paying me so what’s the point in staying).

I also need to do a lot of research about staying in Goa for a few months then off to Australia, like what Visas we should get? What jobs would be available for a female who wants to be in admin especially in Australia etc I’m so excited but so nervous this is a big step for me… but when I eventually do it I will be posting a lot about my travels. Fingers crossed x

Funniest Pranks

Me and my boyfriend love to play pranks on each other, I woke up the other night desperate for the toilet and ran out of the room in the dark (half asleep) only to run into something sticky. I turned on the light and my boyfriend had put a line of sellotape across the door so I would run straight into it, so I have secretly been planning my revenge whilst thinking of a few tricks I could play I thought I would make up a list of pranks to share with everyone. Not all of these are my ideas these are mainly ones I have learnt over the past or seen.


1: The Whoopee Cushion: This was always my favourite prank as a child, I used to go to the joke store and buy the toy and embarrass my mum when she had people over (I was a wicked child >:)  LOL )

2: Shocking awakening:  Another one me and my little brother used to do to each other and our mother who would go mental but it was hilarious, we had a Toy that our older sister had bought us which was a Target you would wear on your chest you then had a gun with a metal piece. The whole aim of the game was to shoot your opponents chest piece that they were wearing which would automatically give them an electric shock to the gun they were holding. I was a very mean sister who would turn up my brothers gun to shock level 5 whilst mine was only at 1 lol, and we would also when our mum was napping put the gun on top of her leg with the metal bit hide then shoot the target which would then send a shock to the gun and then would hear our mum screaming the place down, still funny to this day.

3: Cling film Toilet: I have not had the pleasure of trying this one out where you put cling film over the toilet and wait for someone to go the toilet and pee all over themselves lol but there’s still time (maybe that will be my revenge)

4: Powder in the hair dryer: Another one I have been desperate to try out but my bf doesn’t use a hair dryer lol what a shame. So you put talcum powder inside the hair dryer and wait for your unsuspecting victim to turn on the hair dryer and bam they get a face full of powder. Maybe I can try it on my sister but I think she would never speak to me again ha-ha!

5: Lipstick Bindi: Another one I learnt from my sister doing it to me, you draw a red bindi on someone’s head whilst they are asleep and hope to god when they wake up they don’t look in the mirror. This worked for me when I was 11 (being half Indian and half Scottish it was even more hilarious) My mum was having an afternoon nap and I decided to draw a red bindy on her head, she woke up and realised that she had forgot to buy something from the shop so she quickly ran over. Me and my brother were in stitches but also terrified what our mother would do when she found out she had ran over to the Indian corner shop with a red lipstick dot on her head “a pretty big one too”. When she got finally got home and saw herself in the mirror she screamed blue murder and started going on about how all the Indians in the shop were staring at her it was quite funny but I’ll admit I was scared as I had never seen her this angry (I also like how she straight away blamed me and my brother let me take all the blame a regular occurrence in my household).

6:Sleeping Beauty: One of my favourites is to do horrendous makeovers to people whilst their asleep, my brother was very easy to do as he was not easily woken. I remember one time I had given him a makeover that made him look like of the ugly sisters from the panto and taken a photo…. he ended up getting his revenge when he found out and I woke up with chewing gum in my hair and mascara in my eyebrows, my parents went mental and I could have killed him I hate bob haircuts as well >:@

7: I recently saw on YouTube a video of someone making Toffee Onions in place of an Apple and I thought how evil but amazing 😀

I am totally trying this out as soon as I get the chance!

8:Shampoo Thief: So I once lived in a house share with some not so nice people, I was very quiet and that was the reason I was treated like a door mat. My food would be eaten all the time and my shampoo and bath stuff were being nicked, I then decided to get my own back I put hair removal cream inside the shampoo and it didn’t take long to notice who the hairless thief was >:)

9: Frape: I think everyone at one point has done this in their life or had this done to them … I love when my bf leaves his fb open, I always write ridiculous statuses…. I have also been the victim of frape as well.

10: Minty Cookies: Another food one I can’t wait to try to take the fillings out of Oreos and replace it with toothpaste ha-ha pure evil


Well thinking of these has had me chuckling bringing back some good and not so good memories, comment below what pranks you have played or had played on you.

DIY gone wrong

I was talking to a colleague of mine about DIY gone wrong as we work in a maintenance company with a lot of handymen and had a complaint that day that he had fixed a chest of drawers upside down…. what a moron lol.

And then I started thinking “not that I really do any DIY” I tend to leave it to the men but as my older sister always used to tell me never rely on men to do even the hardest jobs around the house. I do remember being about 15 and I had way too many clothes my parents kept telling me to stop shopping, the back of my wardrobe popped out which was fine, it wasn’t until the bottom of my wardrobe (I had drawers underneath so it wasn’t a full wardrobe) broke from the weight of my clothes. I was panicking as I knew my parents would literally go ape shit and ran to the DIY cupboard to see what I could fix it with.

I ended up with this tube of stuff fixing it and it worked …. the only thing is it turned out to be plaster filler what you fill holes in walls and it stank the whole wardrobe out and turned lumpy although it stuck it was just awful lol, you should have seen the look on my parents face when they finally noticed. I think that’s why I have never attempted DIY since then. Comment below let me know your stories on disastrous DIY or anyone you know it would be great to hear xx

Frenchies or Wedgies. What do you prefer?

Gone are the days when you would be pulling your knickers out of your bottom whilst claiming “you had a wedgie”. When I was at school it was perfectly acceptable to see women with low riders and their thong straps sitting on their hips. And the main question comes to mind, What is better Thongs or French Knickers?

I have seen this question asked many times, and I always thought that’s easy French Knickers not only are they more comfortable they are by far sexier looking than Thongs. Although I do have Thongs I feel like they are practical for tight dresses where your Knicker line may show. However the only thing for me growing up as a 15 year old I was put off seeing girls my age and younger sitting down trying to show as much of their ass crack and thong string to boys passing by it was sickening. So that may be a reason why I have usually been put off by thongs and don’t see them as sexy but more practical.

For me French Knickers are more “womanly” and thongs seem to be more of a young teen type of thing, Unless you are wearing a dress that shows off everything. Obviously the whole world is not going to see you in your underwear unless you’re partial to a bit of nakedness but I also feel that French Knickers look really good on “everyone” like you could have a normal not so curvy ass and French Knickers cling to you in a way that it creates an illusion of you having a round butt whereas with thongs you have to work with what you have and if you don’t have an ass then they are not the most attractive things to wear (not saying I have that problem 😉  but French Knickers look amazing on me hence why I prefer them and don’t give me that feeling of wanting to pull them off like Thongs do. This is just my personal opinion so it would be nice to hear what other Women or Men for that matter think lol…. I’ve seen that men seem to be more “thong type of guys” maybe because the thought of a bare ass than a covered one is better I have no idea LOL but like I said comment below let me know what you think.




The Killing of Polly Carter review

When I first saw A Death in Paradise I was hooked not realising that I was in fact watching the 2nd series. So when I saw the 1st series I was still unaware and thought that Humphrey Goodman had died and that Richard Poole was the replacement, I was gutted and did not like Richard at all I felt he was boring so as bad as it sounds you wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I found out it was Richard who had been killed off.

I came across the book and knowing how good the TV show was I was eager to just dive straight in, and I was not disappointed. The story tells of a supermodel called Polly Carter who commits suicide outside her beach house but when detectives go to the crime scene they realise it was not suicide at all but murder.  I was hooked from the start for me a book needs to keep my attention and not make me feel like it’s dragging on or there are pointless bits where it just feels like they are filling up pages. I did not get this feeling with the book even if there weren’t “exciting clue solving, and the piecing of evidence” the book still had so much character and I was literally laughing the whole way through the book. The awkwardness of DI Richard coupled with his prying colleague DS Camille and equally hilarious colleague Dwayne who had me in stitches.

I felt a bit in the dark in regards to not knowing anything about Richard’s history especially since the book seems to bring it up every now and again which makes it hard to understand what is going on when you don’t seem to have a clue, this may be because I have not read the first book which I am desperate to read a quick trip to Amazon and hopefully I will have the book soon.


All in all I think weighing the pros and cons of the book I would give it a 8/10 x